with Character!

Informative - Interactive - Entertaining

Now, AVG, a leader in creating audio-animatronic figures for theme parks, introduces the next generation in P-O-P displays!

Our cost-effective and entertaining full motion figures energize static displays with personality and interactivity. Our "plug-in and play," no-maintenance displays engage, entertain and inform the customer until the critical purchase decision is made. Programming is easily updated using internet or flash media

AVG will bring three-dimensional life to your products or the characters from your packaging, print media or television commercials or we can also design a new characters to achieve your objectives in the retail environment.

When AVG's Micromation technology and unique electrical actuators are used as sales tools it enables retailers and exhibitors to meet the competitive demands of retail sales and promotion.

AVG's cost-effective, low-maintenance animated displays will creatively communicate promotional messages and sell products.

Contact us to learn more about how 21st century in-store entertainment can expand the horizons of your P-O-P.

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